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San Bernardino Bee Removal

Hello!  My name is Trevor, and I specialize in the removal of honey bee hives from homes and other buildings.  I am based in San Bernardino, California, and service most of southern CA, including LA, San Bernardino, Riverside, and south to Santa Ana and Huntington Beach.

I operate a fully licensed and insured pest control business in the state of California.  I have the best bee removal equipment and training available, and I have the best insurance and licensing available as well.

I have a great advantage over the large pest control firms - first of all, I do better work than them, hands down.  If you hire a big bug company, you'll get an underpaid employee who doesn't really care of the job is done right.  If you hire me, I will arrive at your house, and do the job correctly and professionally, from start to finish.  I have 5 years of bee removal experience, and I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Give me a call!

Superior Bee Removal: We have trained for years specially on bee control and hive removal.  Our experience counts a great deal when it comes to properly understanding the species of bee, and the type of hive that you are dealing with.  My knowledge of architecture means that I am specially prepared to properly disassemble the area in order to remove the hive in its entirety, and fix the open area afterward.  Bees can live in walls, roofs, attics, chimneys, soffits, under decks, and several other areas.  They can even live as a swarm outside of a building, and each different area requires a different approach in order to get the job done right.  I have been known to remove some hives as high as 60 feet off the ground!  Not every bee removal company can do that.  But more importantly, not every bee removal company is owner-operated, providing both the best level of service, and competitive rates, below that of the big companies and their unmotivated employees.  Give me a call at 213-784-4944, and we'll schedule an appointment.

Bee Control News Clip: 2 San Bernardino sheep die following bee attack - Two sheep died as a result of an attack by Africanized bees in San Bernardino on March 13. The owner of the mares would like some kind of policy or procedure to be established during an emergency situation like this one. “This should not have happened; there is a big break down in the system,” said the bee hive removal expert. The bee hive removal expert and her husband owned the sheep that were on her mother-in-law’s property on the north side of San Bernardino. She said her brother in law called 911 four times that Saturday morning and did talk to someone, but no one came to help them. Then the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department notified the Local Fire Department, which went to the scene 40 minutes later. One of the sheep jumped two fences trying to get away from the bees and the other one was found three houses down the way. Firemen sprayed the sheep, but the animals succumbed to the thousand of bees that attacked them. Rodriquez said her mother-in-law contacted San Bernardino County Precinct 3 Commissioner LA pest control expert and his foreman. They asked the foreman, who was in Riverside, for assistance. “We are not equipped to handle bees that are swarming,” LA pest control expert said. He explained that according to the health department they are not supposed to get on private property based on state laws. “Usually, the fire department handles that type of emergency,” LA pest control expert said. He added that he went out to the property t hat day while the firemen were in the process of spraying the sheep. “My husband and I lost our sheep that were a part of our family and something needs to be in place because accidents do not happen from 9 to 5 p.m.” The bee hive removal expert said. She emphasized there needs to be communication between all departments and people need to know who is responsible for helping in emergency situations. A procedure or policy should have already been established for emergencies a long time ago, according to her. “Why and how is this going to get fixed,” The bee hive removal expert, who is teacher, said. LA pest control expert agreed with the bee hive removal expert that a written policy needs to be in place. The bee hive removal expert and her husband buried their sheep that night.